CrossFit for Life

At CrossFit Rising Phoenix, we pride ourselves on taking the long view with fitness. This is CrossFit for Life. What you do in the gym today matters, sure, but we also care about what you can do next year or in ten years. We work hard to modify each workout to fit your needs because a PR today that means you have to turn down a hike this weekend is a temporary victory. CrossFit is about the weight you can lift today but also the weight you can lift next year. It’s about running a mile now so you have the ability to walk a mile when you’re in your 80s. Our coaches are passionate about helping you reach your goals and grow both in and out of the gym.

CrossFit Rising Phoenix

I joined CrossFit in 2015 and quickly fell in love with the high that comes from pushing yourself to places you never knew you could go surrounded by people who will cheer you on when you think it’s impossible. When the opportunity to take over the gym and continue to serve the community arose, I jumped at it. CrossFit Rising Phoenix is born of the legacy of the gym before us while growing under our vision of a lifetime of fitness for all ability levels.